8 Pistons Rotary Filling Machine

Suitable for filling all kinds of concentrated and semi-concentrated liquids

8 Pistons Rotary Filling Machine

8 Pistons Rotary Filling Machine

Model: 8 PF 9000

  • Product: different sauces, tomato paste, jam, oil
  • Container type: glass, plastic, metal can
  • Container size in diameter: 50mm to 110 mm
  • Container size in height: 35mm to 110mm
  • Filling volume adjustable from 70 to 1000cc
  • Machine dimensions in mm: W=3000, L=1400, H=2000
  • Filling output: 3.000 to 9.000 bottle per hour
  • Suitable for semi-solid and viscous products
  • No bottle No filling mechanism


  • Diving nozzle (filling from bottom of bottle)
  • Filling of non-stable bottles by means of holder


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