BH Series: Bottom Vessel homogenizers

Side mixer of Vacuum mixer homogenizers

BH Series: Bottom Vessel homogenizers
BH Series: Bottom Vessel homogenizers

This series of homogenizers is very suitable as a side mixer for vacuum mixer homogenizers (VMH series). For example, dissolving starch and gum in oil (to make mayonnaise) or making tomato paste with water (making cap)
Suitable for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • Designed to be installed inside the cap bottom vessel
  • Option to be installed vertically, horizontally, or angular.
  • Simultaneous Homogenization, Dispersion, and Emulsification.
  • Suitable for Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.
  • Capable of functioning under various viscosity and temperature conditions
  • Option for total custom-made design for customers with special needs
  • Option for stainless steel 304 or 316 based on different applications
  • Applicable to work under vacuum, pressure, and atmospheric conditions.
  • no need for coolant tank and pump for cooling mechanical seal
  • Option for installing Inverter to create high/low velocity into the surrounding mix and homogenization.
  • Option for installing explosion-proof motors for highly flammable products such as alcohol.

Note: This series of homogenizers can be very useful as auxiliary pre-mix to vacuum mixer homogenizers (VMH)  e.g. dissolving starch and gum in oil (in production of mayonnaise) or diluting tomato paste (Ketchup production)


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