Vacuum Homogenizer mixer

VMH Vacuum Mixer homogenizer

produce various emulsions and suspensions used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries

VMH Vacuum Mixer homogenizer
VMH Vacuum Mixer homogenizer
Vacuum homogenizer mixer of Arkan Metal Company is used to produce various emulsions and suspensions used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
Food industry: hot and cold sauces, elephant confectionery cream, cake gel, baby food, flavorings, food supplements, vitamins, juices
Cosmetics industry: creams, cosmetics, lipsticks, mascara, hair glue, masks, hair dyes, creams, color pigments, lotions, toothpastes, shampoos
Pharmaceutical industries: medical creams, gels and ointments, eye medicines and skin products
Chemical industries: Adhesives, inks and greases, varnishes, microsilica gels in the construction industry, homogeneous hard hydrocarbons, fertilizers, shoe wax, car wax, pesticides and agricultural pesticides . 

Technical details
  • Vacuum Mixer homogenizer based on Koruma (made in Germany)
  • Jacketed Vessels in different capacities: 8, 300,500,700,1000,1300,1800,2000 and 2400 liters
  • Suitable for producing: hot and cold sauces, pharmaceutical and cosmetic creams, gel, hair color, lotion, hair paste, skin mask, ointment, toothpaste, agricultural pesticides, kids food, etc.
  • Simultaneous dispersion, homogenization, and emulsion.
  • System for adding powders and liquids without need to opening the vessel cap (all loading by vacuum)
  • Homogenizer pump by different power to adapt to the vessel volume and product viscosity.
  • Vacuum pump and vacuum sensor to maintain pre-set vacuum level to the end of the process
  • Embedded CIP nozzles to clean the machine at the end of process
  • Scraper shaft and blades for inner surface of vessel
  • With the ability to add automatic batching system of raw materials, by load cell or Flow meter

  • Dosing of row materials by means of load cell and/or flow meter
  • Secondary homogenizer on side tank (for pre-mix)
  • Adjustable scraper/homogenizer speed by means of inverter
  • Turbine mixer for installation on VMH-700 and bigger models
  • Batch homogenizer inside the mixing vessel
  • Pneumatic actuators on valves
  • PLC & HMI for automatic process 


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