Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Arkan Felez machines for the production of intermediate and final chemical products

The highest quality and safety standards as well as strict environmental regulations must be observed in the chemical industry. In this context, productivity and the possibility of rapid product change are other important factors for production. Arkan Felez company have decades of experience and have a wide range of reliable process systems and high performance machines for a wide range of applications in the production of chemical products such as adhesives, inks and greases, varnishes, microsilica gels in the construction industry. Hard hydrocarbons Homogeneous, shoe wax, fertilizer machine wax and plant pesticides.

Advanced laboratory and production technology

Precise formulations and process techniques are precisely appropriate for quality assurance in the chemical production process. As a specialist in powerful CIP systems with innovative grinding technologies and long life, Arkan Felez offers the right tools to ensure the high quality of your products and safety during the production process. In addition to productivity and efficiency, another pillar of our company philosophy is continuous alignment with customer needs and development of tailored solutions for all specific needs.

Metal elements in the chemical industry are suitable for any product

A wide and diverse range of industrial chemical products to pursue specific and customized Max solutions. Requires different features and instructions of the product and homogenization. Arkan Felez Company's comprehensive view of the requirements of the chemical industry can ensure that the appropriate processes are selected for each specific case.

We use our own to find the right process for optimal mix results. If homogenization, dispersion or preparation is required, the mix parameters are designed separately for the related product to use all the equipment available in the expert center of the metal companies. For example, additional additives or pigments can use the safety of the industrial daily use process with great precision, so if this is possible. Mix parameters and tools suitable for such applications are also specified here, as well as factors that operate without dust and integrated order during production should also be used.


Another determining factor in addition to the outstanding results of the mix is ​​the possibility of rapidly changing recipes. Arkan Felez with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing industrial machines and homogenizer mixers, is a leader in innovation in this field. Also, in process engineering and in-depth knowledge of our specialists, it ensures that our customers benefit from more designed results and products that they can use sooner. At the same time, we work with our customers to continuously optimize existing processes in relation to the processing needs of the chemical industry.

We understand our customers' industry and help them achieve excellent results in product quality and production efficiency right from the development stage. We develop homogenizers for the development and production of chemical compounds in different dimensions and volumes. In this market, the leading company Arkan Felez offers maximum efficiency, excellent mix quality, device availability and the efficiency of unique knowledge for production in the chemical industry.

Vacumm Mixer Homognizers of Arkan Felez Company

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