Piston pump

Suitable for handling very thick liquids

Piston pump
Piston pump (suitable for handling very concentrated liquids)
This pump sucks the concentrated material from the relevant container with high power and then discharges it from the outlet of the high pressure pump.
Suitable for handling very thick liquids such as tomato paste, curd, toothpaste, fruit concentrate, industrial adhesives and .......
  • Copied from Graco USA
  • All parts in contact with materials made of 316 steel. The rest of the parts made of 304 steel.
  • Has a cylinder and piston mechanism
  • Has a full pneumatic mechanism (without the need for electricity)
  • The volume of material per injection is about 5 liters
  • Has a compressed air care unit
  • Has a pneumatic piston speed control valve
  • Has wheeled bases for easy movement

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