Food Industry

Food Industry

Arkan Felez machines for food industry products

The food industry is organized not only with the highest standards of quality and productivity, but also with strict health regulations. With over three decades of experience in the industry, Arkan Felez company is your reliable partner in the processing, production and packaging of liquid to semi-solid foods - from the processing of fruit and vegetable parts to the production of mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise.

Your expert in producing liquid to semi-solid foods

Simultaneous dispersion, homogenization and emulsion, and the production of dough or mushrooms from solid products in food production require a very wide range. The Machines of Arkan Felez Company is equally wide. All Arkan Felez Metal Homogenizers and Mixers have one thing in common: Our technical solutions consistently combine high quality and efficiency with ease of use and maintenance, which is very important in the sensitive and special field of the food industry.

Arkan Felez machines in the food industry, excellent quality in every mix

Quality and health are a priority in the food industry. Gentle mixing is one of the key success factors in food production. That is why there is a great demand for safe food processing solutions that can control innovations in the food industry.

Our experts allow our customers to turn their ideas into new products with high speed and flexibility. Consulting during construction and providing various solutions by experts helps them to ensure the optimal process of their production workflow.

New recipes are crucial in maintaining a competitive environment in food industry products. Products and brands are updated with new tastes and different functions. Not only product characteristics but also additional benefits should be considered, especially for powder compounds and dry masses. Interesting results are always obtained here, for example, innovative mixing and homogeneity processes. In our expert centers, the recipes are extensively tested and the mixing and homogenization processes can be fine-tuned. At the same time, food safety aspects such as preventing contamination of the product with dust can also be considered.

The proper solution for mixing and homogenization must meet a wide range of needs in a sensitive food processing environment. It is important to always maintain the right temperature to prevent the loss of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Choosing the right tools plays an important role in achieving the best homogenization results without compromising the quality of sensitive raw materials.

Ensuring the hygiene of equipment and utensils is essential and Arkan Felez homogenizers offer outstanding solutions. For example, all surfaces in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of simultaneous mixing and homogenization technology and packaging of food industry products, it ensures that our machines not only offer superior quality and strength, but are also easy to clean and therefore ideally meet the requirements of the food industry. Our customers benefit from a wide range of different machines with different capabilities and volumes, which enables them to implement production innovations more economically and bring them to market faster.


Advantages of Arkan Felez homogenizers

  • High access through robust and tested engineering
  • Short access time through quick and easy washing
  • High quality mix through optimal control and use of raw materials
  • Low energy consumption through the design of innovative tools
  • Optimal application solutions through custom designed experiments and mixing and homogenization processes
  • High flexibility through optimization of homogenizer mixer and tank control
  • High product variety through a wide range of homogenizer mixers of sizes and volumes
  • Easy operation through innovative Arkan Felez homogenizer mixers

Our knowledge for your vision

Arkan Felez Company also has a deep understanding of what is needed to mix food. Our experts are familiar with the procedure of all common products and processes in the industry. If you do not have a suitable solution for a new idea, we will help you design immediately. Some examples of our specialized fields: production of hot and cold sauces, cake gel, agricultural pesticides, baby food, flavorings, food supplements, vitamins and juices

We not only offer high performance machines but also provide optimal solutions for use in food production. In this market, the leading company of Arkan Felez offers maximum productivity, excellent mix quality, device availability and productivity of unique knowledge for individual needs in the food industry.

Vacumm Mixer Homognizers of Arkan Felez Company

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