pharmaceutical Industry

pharmaceutical Industry

Arkan Felez machines for the pharmaceutical industry

Sterile and continuous hygiene along with high quality are the alternative criteria of the production process in the pharmaceutical industry. Such as the production of medical creams, gels and ointments, eye medications or skin products. Homogeneous machines and mixers of Arkan Felez Company provide the ideal tool for any purpose to meet the necessary needs at the highest level.

Provide high quality and compatibility in the pharmaceutical industry

Simultaneous dispersion, homogenization and emulsion by vacuum homogenizer mixers of Arkan Felez Company, meet all health needs and provide quality and efficiency of devices and systems in the pharmaceutical industry. We can provide a standard solution tailored to your specific needs for your manufacturing plant. The strength and efficiency of our products is accompanied by a service philosophy that meets the needs of our customers.

Innovative mixing and homogeneity processes. In our expert centers, the recipes are extensively tested and the mixing and homogenization processes can be fine-tuned. At the same time, safety aspects of medicines such as preventing contamination of the product with dust can also be considered.

The appropriate solution for mixing and homogenization must meet a wide range of needs in the sensitive processing environment of the pharmaceutical industry. It is important to always maintain the right temperature to prevent the loss of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Choosing the right tools plays an important role in achieving the best homogenization results without compromising the quality of sensitive raw materials.

Ensuring the hygiene of equipment and utensils is essential and Arkan Felez homogenizers offer outstanding solutions. For example, all surfaces in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of simultaneous mixing and homogenization technology and product packaging, it is ensured that our machines not only offer superior quality and strength, but are also easy to clean and therefore ideally Comply with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Our customers benefit from a wide range of different machines with different capacities and volumes, which enables them to implement production innovations more economically and bring them to market faster.

Advantages of Arkan Felez homogenizers

  • High access through robust and tested engineering
  • Short access time through quick and easy washing
  • High quality mix through optimal control and use of raw materials
  • Low energy consumption through the design of innovative tools
  • Optimal application solutions through custom designed experiments and mixing and homogenization processes
  • High flexibility through optimization of homogenizer mixer and tank control
  • High product variety through a wide range of homogenizer mixers for a variety of sizes and volumes
  • Easy operation through innovative Arkan Felez homogenizer mixers

Our knowledge for your vision

We not only offer high performance machines but also provide optimal solutions for use in the production of pharmaceutical materials. In this market, the leading company Arkan Felez offers maximum productivity, excellent mix quality, device availability and productivity of unique knowledge for individual needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Vacumm Mixer Homognizers of Arkan Felez Company

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VC Series

VX Series

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