RS series homogenizer pump

RS series homogenizer pump for emulsion and suspension of liquid and viscous products

RS series homogenizer pump
RS series homogenizer pump
The RS series homogenizer pump is suitable for emulsification and suspension of liquid and viscous products in the field of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics as well as in the food industry.
Food industry: hot and cold sauces, elephant confectionery cream, cake gel, baby food, flavorings, food supplements, vitamins, juices
Cosmetics industry: creams, cosmetics, lipsticks, mascara, hair glue, masks, hair dyes, creams, color pigments, lotions, toothpastes, shampoos
Pharmaceutical industries: medical creams, gels and ointments, eye medicines and skin products
Chemical industries: Adhesives, inks and greases, varnishes, microsilica gels in the construction industry, homogeneity of hard hydrocarbons, fertilizers, shoe waxes, machine waxes, pesticides and agricultural pesticides, concrete additives, homogeneous nitrogen and rubber powder, homogeneity of nanoparticles To improve asphalt
RS series homogenizer pump design
This device is basically a rotor / stator in a multi-chamber system. In the standard design, these devices are intended for installation in closed piping systems. They can also be installed horizontally or vertically in vacuum processing systems.
Delicately graded scattering tools are available for this series. For example, there is an available version with an internal funnel at the inlet and a rotatable impeller and drain line for liquid and semi-liquid products. Vertical inline version for viscous products with poor flow characteristics.
The in-line homogenizer design, thanks to its ideal product compartment (no dead space) and its simple and effective cleaning technology, provides excellent conditions for processing even very sensitive products.

How it works

The In Line Homogenizer is essentially a rotor / stator. The product being processed is fed by a pump. This product is mixed in the firstchamber and pumped to a homogenizer mixer. Thanks to the high shear forces, the machine can reach emulsions with diameters of 1micron (micron). Powder solids are also well dispersed.


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